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Royal Sports Picks is the nation’s leading sports betting advisors

Making the right picks to win the most amount of money can sometimes be tricky. What if there was a way to be right MOST of the time? Well now there is. Royal Sports Picks is a professional Las Vegas based sports advisory firm.  Our team of professional sports betting consultants will help you to make the best pick that will bust the bookies every time. We advise thousands of clients every week and see our clients earn well over 1 million weekly.



Get started on turning our picks into cash today! John Perry “JP” has access to the best information and most reliable resources in the sports industry, and is committed to furnishing you with sports betting advice that will monetize itself on a daily basis. If you have any questions about our personalized sports advice betting service, please contact us at: OR call 877-769-7995

Bronze Package – 1 Play $39.00

Silver Package – 2 Plays – $74.99

Gold Package – 3 Plays – $99.99

Platinum Package – 4 Plays – $134.99

MEET John Perry “JP”

samharrison For years “JP” has been known as one of the top Sports Betting Advisors in the nation. His reputation for beating the bookies has become infamous in Royal Sports Picks home state of Las Vegas as well as throughout the world.

His winning picks have been the reason that some of his clients have made not just thousands but millions of dollars. Sports betters love him and the bookies hate him, which is exactly why his advice in the sports betting world has become legendary.

If you’ve ever bet on sports you may have heard terms like “fade”, “zig zag theory”, “Contrarian Method”, and “ATS trends” but you really aren’t sure what they mean and how they can help you.

Every week “JP” spends countless hours analyzing every game, considering every possible strategy and he provides his clients with the absolute best picks possible that give them the greatest chance of winning. If you want to make money in sports betting “JP” is your guy. No one has more experience and has won more than “JP”.

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